Jun 2, 2012

#Reflection 8


Hello everyone! :D
This is going to be the last post in this blog. 

Today, we will go through a quick and simple reading on INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE

Internet Infrastructure is a hierarchy of network:

  • From single computer to LAN
  • From LAN to ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • From ISP to WWW (World Wide Web)

In order to connect all of these, you need:
  • computer
  • web browser
  • internet access

Next, let's take a look at INTERNET PROTOCOL (IP)

  • IP provides a common layer over dissimilar network.
  • It is also a standard protocol to connect LAN.
  • It also functioned to move packet among host computer through gateways
  • Every computer assign  unique IP adress.

The IP adress:
  • Divided into 2:
    • Identifying the network
    • Identifying the node/host
  • Consist of 32 bits
  • Shown as 4 octets of numbers from 0-225 represented in decimal form instead of binary.

eg: 10101110 = 1 octet (8 binary)

eg: = Decimal form (4 octet = 32 binary)

  • Class of addresses determines which part belongs to the network address and which part belongs to the node.
  • All nodes on a given network share the same network prefix but must have a unique host number.

  • Binary starts with 0
  • Decimal number can be anywhere from 1-126
  • The first 8 bits identify network
  • Other 24 bits indicate the host within the network
  • Binary starts with 10
  • Decimal number can be anywhere from 128-191
  • The number 127 is reserved for loop back and is used for internal testing on the local machine
  • First 16 bits will identify the network
  • Other 16 bits indicate the host
  • Binary starts with 110
  • Decimal number can be anywhere from 192-223
  • The first 24 bits identify the network
  • Binary starts with 1110
  • Decimal number can be anywhere from 224-239
  • This type of network usually used to support multicasting.
  • Binary starts with 1111
  • Decimal number can be anywhere from 240-254
  • Used for experimenting
  • Never been documented or utilized in a standard way. (-__-")


It is a type of internet service that translate domain names into numerical address.

Eg: www.yahoo.com => into

Why use DNS? = It is easier to remember because the names are alphabetic :D


The ISP is the company that will provide the internet service to public.
  • Example of ISP in Malaysia is like the one for broadband;
    • TM Net
    • Streamyx
    • P1
    • Celcom Broadband
    • Maxis Broadband

HyperText Transfer Protocol is the underlying protocol used for the World Wide Web.
  • It defines how messages are formatted and transmitted.
  • Determine what actions should be taken by Web servers and browsers to response to various commands.
HTTP also called as a stateless protocol because each command is executed independently, without any knowledge of the commands that came before.

That is why it is difficult to implement Web sites! :O

Other new technologies such as Java, JavaScript and cookies has been invented to encounter the HTTP shortcomings.

That is all for now. Till then, I'm going to miss Dr Dayang so much. She is so warm and cheerful all the time. I hope our path will intersect later in the future.

Have a sweet day, all!

Toddles! :) 

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